Far cry 2 river?

    Does anyone know how to make rivers in map creator?


    Environment settings -> water level, you need to raise that before you can make rivers.

    Is the game any good ?


    Is the game any good ?

    Yup, im loving it

    looks awesome, i think i will buy it

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    I raised the water level but it just floods the map I want to make a specific route.

    Am going to get it on my way home from work. Looks good and the map editor should add alot of life to the online play (as long as they can be shared?)


    Is the game any good ?

    yep it's very good. The scenery is amazing and the gameplay is so fun! one bad thing is theres lots of traveling so you have to be quite patient. but other than that it's amazing!! i play it all the time! :thumbsup: :roll:
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