Far from impressed with DHL!

    Right here goes, dhl were booked in to collect my faulty mobile phone for the monday just gone, i called e2save today to make sure they got the handset then they told me its not showing as being with them yet, thought thats strange, after checking she said it will be with them today as she spoke to dhl and my new phone will be with me tomorrow, well later on tonight my phone arrived but it was the same bloody one i had sent e2save!! i had the correct address and also i put senders address, seems they made the stupid mistake of sending it to the senders address!!

    so angry with their service right now!


    That's not good is it.

    Was it fixed?


    Was it fixed?

    fpmsl , lol

    good old Drop it, Hurl it, Lose it

    Happened to me 2 years ago, wasnt impressed.

    DHL = Don't Have Logic. Had similar problems recently, the sorting depots must have some non English speaking/reading fools working with them
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