Farcehosts ....

    Anyone host websites or have domain names with Fasthosts/ukreg?……stm

    Following the attack on its customer database, Fasthosts asked customers to change their password for the webspace that Fasthosts looks after for them.
    Last week Fasthosts unilaterally changed the passwords of customers who ignored this plea. But the change has meant many small firms cannot access their website to administer their online shop or site.

    Even people who have changed there passwords had them reset. Contacting customer services is impossible ... when you eventually find their number that is.

    They claim to be available 24/7 via email or telephone and need to log in to get the email or telephone numbers and support number/pin, but to log in you need your password which has been reset, the facility to email your password is disabled but tells you to go to the support site, which you need your login password to access ... umm clever that!!!

    7 days later no letter has arrived. Using their telephone call centre is impossible, engaged most of the time and when you do get through you are in a queue of 60+ which seems to move 2 places every 12 minutes. I even called them at 1am this morning thinking it would be less busy, but guess many had the same idea. If this effected only a "small number" of people, how come the customer support lines are flat out?

    Moving the hosting isn't an option at the moment because you cannot even log in to make changes to the domain name.

    Any one else been effected?

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    hi eric,

    i have not looked at my email in ages and on looking at my bank account online, fasthosts has charged me for another years service! i never found anything useful to do with the fasthost account therefore it has just lay dormant that is untill all this shennanigans.
    They charged my account on the 11 December but it didn't come off my account until the 13th December coincidentally this is the day they scramble all unchanged passwords therefore now i cant get into the account hopefully they will refund me my money its not as if they had a direct debit into my account.

    Anybody know where i stand legally on this are they allowed to recurringly charge my bank account like this ???
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