Farcry 2 or Dead space

Im not sure which one to buy both look great games but I dont want to buy both as I dont play on my 360 that much and dont want to spend £80. Also wheres probably the cheapest place to buy it today, dont want to order game wanna buy it today


Farcry 2 is pretty good. im really enoying it. will be around £40 everywhere.

Far Cry 2 is ok, gets very very reptitive and you'll get sick of guard posts respawning 2 minutes after you clear it along with basically the entire map shooting you on site. (Played for 5.5 hours)

As for Dead Space i'm not sure yet, i've only played it for about 30 mins but I like it so far, unfortunately hard difficulty is too hard and normal is too easy


Buy both

I had this dilemma today. Got dead space as that had 10 out of 10 in one magazine review. Farcry only got 9. LOL.

Depends what you like!

I have both and you will enjoy either of them. Both are real quality titles.

Another decider for me was that I got Dead Space for £35 at gamestation price matched to Zavvii - had vouchers for gamestation

Far cry was £40.

Also considered fable 2 - too many good games out atm!

Guess I'll be getting both games myself then, thx for the thread :lol:


I cant think that far cry 2 can top dead space. Awesome.
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