Farmageddon Haunted Attraction, Ormskirk

Found 1st Sep 2012

Me and my girlfriend would love to try this event out just before Halloween.

We have opted for the £17.50pp tickets for Sat 27th October, 8.15pm.

We tried to pay online, but the £6.25 booking/handling fee put us off from buying the tickets.

Is there a way to purchase tickets without paying this fee?
Or does anyone have any experiences with this?
They have an option for promotional codes, does anyone know one?

If not, we will just buy them, thought it would be worth trying before hand.
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Had a good look but couldn't find any GRRRR lol, anyway you could try a little cheekiness ,email customer services for ticketquarter and ask where you could find promo codes for it, hey if you dont ask you dont get lol. Hope you both have a great night,looks great !
thanks for the advice :-)
I was thinking of booking some tickets but never knew they added another fee!

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