Farmgate price potatoes £5.50 for 25Kg

LocalFound 10th Nov 2017
The maincrop potatoes are back again and this year you can buy locally grown from £5.50 a bag (25Kg). These potatoes are nothing like the rubbish the supermarket sell at super inflated prices which have sub one week use by dates, they're generally freshly dug up and still covered in the earth they were grown in. This means that they last around 3 months or longer if stored correctly.

According to the Grauniad today over half the potatoes purchased end up in the bin - primarily because of the way supermarkets sell them, so if you don't throw half these away its twice the saving !

Many people reading this will be thinking I don't have a farm nearby, don't let that stop you! Potato merchants are plentiful and will be supplying your local chippy, find out who they use, phone them up and ask them to drop a bag off for you!

25Kg too much? Split it between friends ! When there's a 5Kg going for £1.10 most will jump at the chance.

Just remember you do have keep them in a dark cool place and to scrub before peeling and enjoy the superior taste !
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