Found 16th Nov 2009
I'm sat in the bath and I can hear a tune in the background and my lad says Its farmville it's groovy !

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Farmville on facebook, you gotta love it!

- Farmville addict. . .

Bless lol

I'm addicted to cafeworld



i gave up on farmville got to level 26 i think

...I'm a little bit addicted to Farmville...shhhh...
I don't have the sound on though because I think it would drive me clinically insane after a while!!

what the hell is farmville?

you have your laptop in the bath?? lol

Im on level 33 on farmville... but have it muted


what the hell is farmville?

Its a game on facebook where you get crops to grow and lots of animals

facebook? lol joking - i aint on there!!

my wifes addicted to farmville - its driving me crazy!!

Im addicted too. Anyone interested in helping me expand my farm by being my neighbour pm me and I will add u lol

im waiting to expand....gotta earn some cash first! :giggle:
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