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I need to buy a load of F&B paint and trying to find the best place for it.

I need flat matt paint, and their colour palette is perfect for what i need, but £65 for 5 litres is a bit much.

I can find 10% off at paintdepot, but wondering if any eagle eyed shoppers knows where its cheaper?

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Johnstones do a flat matt paint can't remember what i pay for 5 litres but its nowhere near £65 and they will match any F&B colour for you.

Like above you can go to your local johnstones and they will mix you the FB colour as they have them on the machine go to go. It's just a case of choosing the type of base. Flat matt. Vinyl matt,and the many other options they have. Save yourself so cash and the paint is good

I too would recommend looking for another company who can mix up heritage paints. I work in a grade 2 listed building and we are bound to use heritage colours, having used farrow and ball initially and recently re-decorated with a trade heritage alternative I can say 100% I would recommend not going with farrow and ball particularly as the paint cannot be touched up without being visibly noticeable... Not great to have to repaint an entire wall just for the sake of covering a small blemish. Brewers are excellent and can make up farrow and ball colours almost identical at much more reasonable prices that can be touched up too! Good luck

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Thanks very much for your comments folks - and yep i am looking to sell the house within 18 months, so there is a good chance paint will need a little touch up here and there and really dont want to have to re-paint a wall to make it look good!

Farrow and Ball have some lush colours, but some not so lush prices.... colours that are close enough to theirs works!

Just seen Wickes are doing 3 for 2 and £20 off a £100 spend - might see if they have the Dulux Heritage range in store. Not the same as F&B, but might be cheaper.

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Just to update this thread.

On the weekend i went to Johnstone paints and they colour matched it based on the F&B code (eg Pigeon 25).

Guy said they had a deal with F&B to match based on the colour as you cant copyright a colour, but you can copyright a name - so they werent allowed to print the name on the label, just a colour code.

No idea how close the colours are to F&B - will find out next week when the paint goes on.

BTW - 5 litres was £38 for vinyl matt and £48 for flat matt.
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We liked a F&B paint colour (Arsenic) and thought it a bit too steep price-wise. So we got it colour matched at the local Homebase. The colour was perfect however the quality of the paint is appalling and is noticeably streaky in places. My partner assures me it's the poor quality of the paint and not his 'expert' application and so I've suggested he does another coat. If it still looks poor, I may bite the bullet and get F&B next time.

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ok.. so as a second update - applied the 'fake' farrow and ball stuff, and it's been brilliant!

colours look just like I thought they would do and then paint went on really well.

going to buy more to do the hallway next
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