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Found 20th Apr 2009
i am about to place an order with fashion union, i have never used them before and was just wondering if anyone else has any experience with them? as we are going away nxt monday for the week, so obviously would need it delivered by then.
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When I placed an order with them it took about 5 days so get the order in earlier rather than later
Correct..........Does take a couple of days for delivery. Do order more than one size to try. I ordered size 14 and it was massive!!! .......like size 16:oops: Luckly i ordered size 12 with it!!
I ordered over 3 weeks ago, still nothing, and wont reply to my emails .....
Never ordering there again. As a girl from Holland I was in doubt already about ordering overseas anyway. I ordered a coat and a jumper and only received the jumper. The coat is all of the sudden cancelled even though I paid already. No replies to my mails.
OMG....cannot believe what i am reading. DL_ & JD368, i too still have not received my order place 7th jan. They were quick to take my money via Paypal and after sending F.U (appropriate name for them) TWO emails they still have not responded. Checking the status of my order it has been "released for delivery" for over 3 weeks considering items where in stock at time of ordering. Passing their details Paypal to investigate. And guess what i'm in LONDON. Will NEVER EVER use them again let alone recommend ANYBODY to.
I ordered on the 8th of January and still nothing has arrived! They have taken my money and won't reply to my emails! Not impressed.
I made my order on the 31st of December and I still havent recieved my order. I've sent many emails and recieved a response to the first one stating they would get back to me but heard nothing since. I'm thinking of reporting to a relevant body.
Not reassuring reading previous comments!! Ordered on 9th Feb, still not received anything and guess what, not reply to e-mails!!! Will report to paypal if I don't hear anything from them in the next few days as they have taken my money, surprise, surprise!!!! Will not be giving any positive feedback or re-ordering from them!!!!
Ordered on the 11th February for "next day delivery" and still no sign of the order??
I've sent 2 e-mails and no reply!!
Payment taken out on day of ordering. Shocking service.
Will definately never use them again
I ordered 2 coats yesterday received a parcel today which had nothing inside it emailed them no response what so ever.
Threaten them with citizens advice consumer agency!! As soon as I did this they started replying and gave me a refund ! No hope at receiving items I think they have gone bust but still taking orders!!!
Do not use this company!!! I made an order in January and it never arrived, they ignored all emails apart from once to say my order would be with me but there was still nothing. Got in contact with my back who gave me my money back. They are a total SCAM.
I've still not received my order and am getting no response from them.
Unfortunately I have to agree with the majority of comments here; I ordered a few bits mid-Feb and tried different codes (turned out they were all accepted, but they reserve the right to cancel order if multiple discounts are used).
When it came to 17th March (almost a month after I placed the order), I e-mailed them asking what's gone on with my order, as the 'My Account' info said it was released for delivery. Turned out they cancelled my order in Feb (!!!) without letting me know, and their justification of not letting me know is... because they were busy with 'genuine' orders. As if mine wasn't!! They were also very vague as to when I will receive a refund. Truly appalling - I wouldn't recommend Fashion Union to anyone.
After reading all the negative comments below (after i had placed my order) i was very worried about getting my order at all let alone receiving it in time. i ordered at 9pm 26/03 and to my surprise my jumpsuit arrived yesterday on a free next day delivery, i also used there 30% discount code so the jumpsuit which is a brand and on other websites was a lot cheaper through FU. Overall am really happy with their service, jumpsuit is amazing, delivery was really quick and it saved me money.
Are they still in business? Still getting advertising from them but order from December half delivered and half not - no refund and no answer to 'phone, e-mails or even a letter!! Not a vast amount financially speaking but how do they get away with it?! Thinking of going across to their address as not far away.......
I placed my order on the 28th March and still waiting for my delivery after they promised me free next delivery. This is my first order with them and I won't be ordering fro them again. The service is appalling!!
Had no problem ordering or delivery but returned item on 18th april for a refund, 6 weeks later and im still waiting! Apparently it was processed on 12th may but still not sign of it and what a suprise, not replying to emails!! Will never be ordering from them again!
I'm so disgusted ordered two items for next day delivery only one showed up. there is no contact number for them, rang the delivery service they only had one item dispatched. Sent 6 emails got one back saying "so sorry to hear this happened to you". replied back to them then no reply, now I am threatening with legal action. reading from what everyone has put I cannot believe I trusted them.
I have never had a reply and, in fact, my e-mails were returned as undeliverable no matter which address I used. Still awaiting two items from December!!
Placed an order for next day delivery on 29th May and still haven't received it. Have sent several emails and they haven't responded to any of them. DO NOT ORDER
having problems getting a refund for something I returned in September At first they replied quickly to my emails stating there was a delay in the warehouse, Now they are ignoring my emails and still no refund. Definitely wouldn't order from them again
I ordered at the end of August for 3-5 day delivery and the items didn't turn up until 3 weeks later. Forgot about it, and ordered from them again two weeks ago, again, 3-5 day delivery, and nothing. Never going there again.
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