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Found 10th Dec 2008
Done a quick search and didn't see this mentioned anywhere. If you are planning on purchasing anything from any of the Home shopping Direct catalogues check the price first at Discount world. This is also part of the HSD group and they sell the same items for vastly discounted prices. Using the search box type in your required item description, (NOT the cat. no. as this will just give you the full priced item). 90% of the time the item will be offered at a big discount. I don't know how they get away with this as they are still selling the same items, full price on their other sites.
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I've found this happens load with this company, there's another one too, a discount site part of the same group, can't think of it off the top of my head tho.

Edit: Crazy Clearance
If you start at [url][/url] site you can fill your basket from all the sites in one order and there are always 20% off vouchers

You think that is bad. I was sent a 10% discount code for HSD because an item I had previously ordered was out of stock and they would not be having any more.

When I went to their home page their was a code for the new VAT rates. So I did an order. Put the code in for my 10% then put the code in for my VAT discount. The only thing was I could only use one of the codes. Either 2% discount (not the 2.5% discount everyone else is offering you notice) or the 10% discount.

Which is disgusting. Don't you think.
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