Fast and Furious Ps4 £39.85 at for release 30/05 - has this been delayed?

Posted 6th May
Suppose to be landing 30th May? It's not in PSN store to even preorder... there isnt any confirmation of delay. Does anyone know if this definitely going to release
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It’ll be £10 soon after
It’ll be £10 soon after
So many questions!?
You would have to be mad to pay this, looks awful.
Omg I just watched the trailer, top comment is " can't wait to play this on my PS2" lol
I never purchased I have my own way of getting new release games cheaper. I just want to know if releasing
To the OP- very few games appear for preorder anymore on the PS store. Doesn't mean it will be delayed.
Can't find any useful gameplay footage of this at all. Not a good sign!
Sounds like it is delayed as was supposed to come out around same time as the film?
It's coming in winter 2020
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