fast house sale websites

    anybody ever use done of these sites ?

    need to flog my dads house and the buyer is messing us about + the estate agent is beyond useless

    we sold to investor introduced by estate agent at considerably lower than market value as it was supposed to complete in 28 days but now after 7 weeks buyer is asking for a few weeks as he has cash flow issues

    me and my sis just want it gone now


    didnt the buyer sign a contract to complete in 28 days? if 7 weeks later they now want more time,I wouldnt sell to them as a matter of principle. They get it at less than market value then mess you around? tell em to go fly a kite!

    tell the agent you want it back on the market now or even better put it up for sale with a new agent (check the contract you signed) be suprised how quick you buyer might be able to sort out 'cash flow issues'

    what kind of an "investor" has cash flow issues? they are either an investor or they arent-can you imagine duncan bannatyne on dragons den saying he didnt actually have any cash handy at the moment?

    an "investor",by definition,is someone with money INSTANTLY available for investments


    Sounds like the agent is in on this scam...expect them to lower the offer.


    Sounds like the agent is in on this scam...expect them to lower the offer.

    exactly!-either the agent is trying to get a cheap house for a member of staff(happens all the time),or they are playing games with this so called investor-op-dump this agent immediately,pay them NOTHING,and tell em if they dont like it you will see them in court.

    go to another agent,do NOT tell them you are desperate to sell-big,big mistake to do so.You are being scammed,pure and simple.

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    we had house up for sale my sister got panicky and we accepted the low offer on the understanding 28 days to complete

    my sis called the agent to see what was happening and apparently they completed that day on another and needed a week or two to sort out cash

    tbh the agent has been useless from start to finish but as i'm a couple of hundred miles away it's awkward

    as we are already 20%+ below valuation i wondered if anybody had used one of these quick sell places

    im in the middle of house move myself and could do with it just sorting out

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    bumpy help
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