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Posted 20th Feb
I've read several different websites now and they switch between EE, O2 and Vodafone being the fastest with no definitive answer.

Does anyone know which network is best for data speed and coverage combined?

I'm on EE now and looking to move so who's next after EE if it's them who are the fastest?

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Recently moved to o2 from EE and regret it. Both speed and signal not as good but it was a great deal that EE couldn’t match. I’m in north London signal is probably different whatever part of country your in
I think EE is the best.
O2 in my area has been dire since June 2019, unsure if they are messing with 5g masts but 4g definitely took a stability hit.
O2 rang me last week to see if wanted to upgrade as they had offers on and asked if i had any concerns.

I mentioned the speed stability and she rang a test for the area and apologised as the web page her end wouldn't load
Kinda flawed question as the best of speed and / or coverage is only important in the specific locations that the customer wishes to use the service, where neither of those expectations may be in line with the network that has the fastest and / or more expansive connectivity.
Where did you read O2 are fastest they're joint slowest
Vodafone are probably the second fastest overall after EE. Really depends on location etc..
It's often geographic but overall EE. EE have 2 different tarrifs. One is essential which is slower but still better than most other providers
EE is the fastest and has been for some considerable time. They also top coverage.

And that's in pretty much every region.

Of course that's a fat load of good if you happen to live or work in a pocket where there's no EE signal.…nce
EE has been the best for me
Speed is a combinatin of your distance to the mast, the technology it supports (3G/4G/5G), the amount of other people using that mast at the same time and the speed of the infrastructure connecting to that mast.

Performance in other areas has essentially no impact so any sort of national average is close to meaningless.
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