Fastest way to transfer data from laptop to another?

Found 5th Oct 2017
I'm not a techie so I'd appreciate the simplest way, thanks
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Hardrive and usb cable?
USB flash drive i would think, plug it in, drag your files onto it then move it over to the other machine and reverse the process.
Definitely ethernet, ideally gigabit.
For a non techie, I would say USB flash drive is the most straight forward. You probably want minimum 32GB but this would depend on the amount of data you want to move across
As Kevflc said External USB/ESATA hard drive but check to see if you have either an USB 3.0 or ESata connection on your laptop as this will speed things up. Ethernet and most flash drives are pretty slow due to crap interfaces.

If you do go for ethernet make sure you have a gigabit switch and don't just do it through your modem/wifi router as it hammers the poor things, even then it will depend on the network card and you will still max out about 120MB/s.
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