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Found 14th Jan 2006
I just found this site called Fat Fingers which helps you find eBay bargains. Basically you type in what you want and it searches eBay for typos. Therefore the items you want come up with few if any bids because people can't easily find them by searching normally in eBay.

I searched for printer and it tried a whole host of typos and found loads of items with no bids. I hope this helps someone find a bargain or two!!

Link - fatfingers.com Fat Fingers

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this is usefull,
You're welcome!
Nice, thanks!
wow, that could save me a few quid, thanks for that
excellent! making use of illiteracy to save a few bob!!
Ive used this site a few times before and its great
what do u think of this?


anyone find any bargains?

good luck

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Excellent! Karma to you!

what do u think of this? [url]www.fatfingers.co.uk[/url]anyone find any … what do u think of this? [url]www.fatfingers.co.uk[/url]anyone find any bargains?good luck

yep. i got unreal tournament 2004 (dvd version) for £6.50 total, when it is retailing for about £15. that was ok!

They had written unreal tounament 2004... :lol:
there's also auctionpix :wink:
Thanks for that pennypincher Welcome to HUKD too!
gr8 site
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