Fatal crash driver 'used laptop'

    A family of six were killed by a lorry driver who might have been using a laptop computer for directions as he drove along a motorway, a court heard.

    David and Michelle Statham, of Llandudno, north Wales, and their four children died in the crash on the M6 in Sandbach, Cheshire, in October.

    Portuguese driver Paulo Jorge Nogueira da Silva, 46, denies six counts of causing death by dangerous driving.

    Mr da Silva also denies causing six deaths by careless driving.

    Earlier accident

    The court heard the Statham family was killed instantly when the 40-tonne lorry hit their Toyota Previa people carrier at about 31mph.

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    Some of you may remember this story from the news last year, when he went into the back of stationary traffic. This is absolutely despicable, and he needs to go down for a long time. What's even worse, is that he denies that it was dangerous or careless! At least it means he won't get the reduced sentence for an early guilty plea.

    Saw this tonight on the local news. He should be banned for life too after he is released.

    I feel the same way about the nutters that jump the safety barriers on railway lines.

    their son was in the same class in school as my daughter. very upsetting for the everyone. I hope the courts give him what he deserves. I dont hold out much hope though, I often wonder if the family should have a say in the punishment?

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    Bloody useless they are

    He was jailed for three years by a judge at Chester Crown Court. … He was jailed for three years by a judge at Chester Crown Court. Sentencing da Silva, the judge said: "I bear in mind the maximum sentence is five years."Although six deaths, this was one episode and the prison sentences must be concurrent."This was one of the most serious offences of its kind."Da Silva was told he would serve at least 18 months of his sentence in jail.

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    Absolutely pathetic.

    Thats the justice system for you, disgraceful.

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    If it's one of the most serious offences of it's kind, and the maximum is 5 years, then why only give him 3!

    Even better, why not find him guilty of death by dangerous instead of death by careless, using a laptop in a 40 ton lorry is hardly careless!

    Thank god i wasn't on that jury, cos i'd have been shouting at the judge!

    b astard should have been hung

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