No, Not me personally....

    I touched upon this briefly in another thread- I thought I'd post it for all bargain hunters to see

    Look at this-

    I've found a couple of things through that site- it finds sellers spelling mistakes and typos in specific listings and so you get to see listings that would otherwise be pretty impossible to search for-

    ie if you type in Playstation to the ebay search engine you'll get all listings including that exact word, but if a seller has listed their item as, say "Platstatoin", it won't show up in your search. Fatfingers will search through every possible spelling and character placement for whatever you are looking for.

    I'm not saying it's a really useful tool, for example if you type in "Replay" you'll end up with reply slips, relay switches.. but when you use the filter at the side you can find Replay clothes with no bids on as the listings are spelt wrong.

    It can also be used on google, ebid and qxl...


    Usefull :thumbsup:

    How on earth did you find this?? :thinking:

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    I came across it ages ago through a thread on MSE. It's been in my bookmarks ever since

    This has been around for ages it was first advertised on Radio 2 about 3 years ago I use it all the time good tool.

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    This has been around for ages it was first advertised on Radio 2 about 3 … This has been around for ages it was first advertised on Radio 2 about 3 years ago I use it all the time good tool.

    Yeah it is an old site- I've just not seen it mentioned on here before so thought I would highlight it :thumbsup:

    I used to use fatfingers but I use Goofbay now, it had a lot more features until ebay pulled the plug on some of them.

    Forgot the Goofbay link:-

    I use this site ]http//ww…et/ scroll down and theres 'ebay spelling mistakes' ]http//ww…tml but theres loads of other stuff too.

    You lot really are a mine of information - never ceases to amaze me!! :-D

    Not sure of the site, but I knew these were available as I read about them about 6 months ago - always meant to post about it but never got around to it

    They've all been posted on here at some point or another...

    Just stumbled across this thread via a Google search and thought that I'd mention a couple of sites that I use to find misspelled items on ebay that don't seem to have been mentioned before.

    The best one is ]http//ww….uk. It does all the usual stuff that the likes of Fat Fingers does but, and I really like this part, it also allows you to save your searches as ]RSS feeds so that you can subscribe to them.

    This is really useful because it allows you to spot a misspelled item as soon as it's listed. I usually then make a really low bid because once there's a bid on an item the seller can't revise the title and the title is the part that contains the misspelling. That means that it'll remain out of the main listing and only visible to those of us who know :thumbsup:

    The other site that I use is ]http//ww…com. It's not as advanced as (there are no RSS feeds) but it's blindingly quick and finds as many items which makes it a good fallback should Missing Auctions be down.
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