Father Kills Daughter Over Xbox Console


    Poor baby. :-( ]Here's the link again to save people copying and pasting.

    WTF..... should hang him :x

    I found this quote, as the one linked to makes no mention from anyone apart from the D.A.'s office linking it to an 'Xbox'

    So, this Xbox connection? Why in a town that has the highest murder rate … So, this Xbox connection? Why in a town that has the highest murder rate in the United States is the only story that gets widely reported the one with a video games connection? Could it be simply a convenient cover under which a lazy media and conniving politicians can sweep the real issues? Were there possibly other reasons for a grown man to murder his own daughter?

    That's really awful, poor baby :cry:

    Thats horrible

    Philadelphia, thats all ya need to know.

    I hope that Karma balances out whilst he is inside.

    Innocence died that day.



    OMG - That's terrible, beggers belief :?


    Jesus Some People

    this is just unbelievable!!!!!!!!!

    This is so unbelievable, i myself have a little girl (19 months old) who i love to bits and play own a xbox 360 (sadly addicted :cry:) and reading this article has made me enraged and angry.

    I agree with amanda f he should be hung!

    Original Poster

    I imagine he sat there and ignored her,she knew when it went off he stopped so probably pulled it out.In saying that I know loads of toddlers who pull at anything,its what they do.Too much temptation,just like a button.


    complete idiot

    It's sickening! He should be left to rot!!

    The swear filter wouldn't be able to cope with what i want to say about this monster!
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