Father's Day Gifts and Gadgets! Help!!!


    Just looking around the web for some bargains for Father's Day and my husbands birthday which are within a few weeks of each other.

    I wonder if anyone has any ideas on getting good bargains on:
    Wii points or games
    Universal remote controls - good quality ones
    Porsche, he has a lovely old 911 cabriolet
    running out of ideas now.

    He is really into his gadgets, and I am set on getting a universal remote control for my 1 year old son to give him for Father's day. My son I thik is following in his dad's
    footsteps for the obsession of gadgets

    Any help most appreciated!:idea:


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    Maybe I am not on the right lines! What would dads out there like for Father's Day?

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    C'mon someone must have some ideas?

    I'm not a dad, i don't see my own dad, but if I was a dad or I bought my dad fathers day presents then i'd buy him or want something we could do together.

    What about the sets of remote control cars.............. maybe a porche set.

    Whats the budget?

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    thank you for your reply! We already have the Porsche remote control cars and the Scelextric or however you spell it.! A very touching thought though!!!!


    C'mon someone must have some ideas?

    I'd like 2 Oriental girls and a load of baby oil. :w00t:

    How about something iPod-ish

    I've got one of these remotes and it's very good:…8-1

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    HA HA!!!I was wondering how long it would take!!!
    The remote looks good! He has all the ipod accessories. He wants to do something like an ice link for his car so his ipod is wired up in the car.

    I think the oriental girl thing might be an easier option!!!

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    I think I will get some stuff from using the 50% off link on this website. I'd also like to get a Logitech universal remote control. Are there any hot deals around? I don't like paying full price for anything anymore, what has this website done to me????
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