Found 12th Jan 2008
My 360 has died on me (3 red rings) and i'm not sure what to do a the moment so i'm looking for some adivce.

Heres the situation:

Xbox Premium about one year old modded and was not banned the last time I played on it, it had the latest firmware on it as far as I was aware.

I do not want to send it back to Microsoft as it is modded and a friend of mine tried to fix it but failed (not sure what he tried to do) I also bought a Talismoon Whisper fan thinking this would cool it down and hopefully get it working again...but it didn't.

I'd like to sell it but wouldn't know what £ to expect - Can anybody help here? It is a premium so would it be worth selling the HDD seperately? One wireless controller as well, so again would it be worth selling this too?

I plan to sell this to help towards funds for a new one.

Any help would be great.

Thank you in advance.

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you could try the towel trick, it worked on mine and that was about 6 months ago. just google "towel trick" and you'll get specific instructions. if it fixes it then consider having it modded to improve the cooling. or do it yourself its very easy hth

Original Poster

The towel trick has worked!!! Thing is I know another friend tried this, it worked and then went wrong again!

Still think it's time to sell mind!

Is anyone allowed to say how much it is worth?

Towel trick is usually temporary. If you sell ti on I would state how you fixed it to save comebacks later.

It is worth about £50 in parts for the main console without the controllers or the HDD.

just happend to me mate, but mine werent modded hopefully i can get it replaced tomorrow

ull get £30ish for ur power brick 40-55 for ur console 17-20 for the control if you chuck in ur hard drive ull end up with about £140ish i also had to do the same

the towel trick is temporary, but only if you do nothing about the cooling. if you do the x-clamp mod to convert it over to a conventional cooling method (parts cost about a quid from a DIY store) then there's no reason it need be temporary. as i said earlier mine is still working 6 months after doing the towel trick and thats a damn site longer than a lot of 360's live before getting the rrod
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