Faulty BB 9300 & Vodafone.

    Kid drops water on 5 month old BB9300 & with it being water I would guess warranty is not covered.
    I contact vodafone around 4 days ago & they have now emailed me with the details below.
    The question I'm asking is........Do you think that vodafone have read the message I sent them correctly as I'm still not sure if it covers water damage.

    Hello Gary,

    Thank you for writing to Vodafone customer services.

    Gary, I understand that your BlackBerry phone has been damaged. In this case, I recommend that you go for a postal repair. For the postal repair, we will send you a prepaid envelope with the address where you need to send the phone. You can put the phone in this envelope and then post it to the nearest Post Office. Please make sure that all the accessories like Memory Card, battery and SIM Card are removed from the phone before placing it in the envelope. Also, please take a back-up of all your data inside the phone, as it would be wiped out once you send it for postal repair.

    If you wish to go for postal repair, please reply to this email to confirm the same and include the following information in your email:
    - Make and model of the phone
    - Colour
    - IMEI number
    - Description about phone fault
    - Alternate contact number
    - Complete Address with post code

    If the fault in your phone is not covered by the manufacturer's warranty, there may be a charge if you send your phone for postal repair. In case of a charge, we will inform you about the same once we receive your phone and inspect it. If you have insurance for this phone, then you will need to contact the insurance company in regards to the charges for the repair.

    If you agree to pay the charges, we will then repair the phone and post it back to you. If the handset is not repairable or if you decline the repair, then the phone will be sent back unrepaired at no cost, with a confirmation letter regarding the same.

    For additional information on repair process, you can also refer to the following Help Page link:


    Once they will open it up , they should have some sort of sensors to see if it is water damaged.

    Doubt you will get it repaired if its water damaged, but as they won't charge you for sending it in then you have nothing to lose.

    I'd actually take it to a Vodafone shop as they will do everything for you there, but you will need to go back to the shop to collect it, repaired or not.

    Been there done it, water damage is never covered

    Original Poster

    Yes looks like I'll be wasting my time posting it to them.
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