Faulty Blackberry Bold - T Mobile Help please?

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Found 8th Dec 2009
Hi can someone advise please, Got a new BB Bold in Oct and 5 weeks later the phone would not unlock ''software issue'' Sent it back to T Mobile who said it should return back within 14 days, however just called and the phone has another few problems and they are waiting for the manufacturer to fix so it may be another 1-2 weeks, I have now had no BB emails for over 2 weeks and may have to wait another 2 weeks. They have NOT given me a replacement phone to use so I am using my old nokia to call and receive tel calls only - no email on old phone.

T Mobile have said that although I brought the phone off them 5 weeks ago they have to send to BB maufacturers even though I bought it from T Mobile as the sale of goods act does not cover after 7 days, even if it is only a new BB 5 weeks old. Also they do not have to give me a Replacement while it is getting fixed as it is BB fault and not T Mobile!!!

Is this correct? any idea if i can insist on a replacement or a new BB?

Many thanks


Yes its correct. They are doing what they should ie sent it off to blackberry to repair under warranty and they do not have to give you a replacement. Nokia service centre let you 'RENT' a nokia while yours is being fixed but i doubt blackberry do that. Just wait 2 weeks theres no other option.

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Thks J4GG4, just really mad that after 5 weeks when you get used to all the emails you then go back to a normal phone and have to wait to log onto the laptop at the end of the day just to see you 20/30 emails for business etc....and you have only had the phone for 5 weeks!!!

Is a pain but its not t-mobiles fault if its past the 14 day return policy. They didnt make the phone therefore cant stand by it for aslong as the warranty lasts. Its purely in blackberrys hands now. Weve all been there i think losing your phone through a warranty repair, i sent my htc off the other day actually and it came back fully repaired in 5 days. Excellent service.
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