Faulty DVD recorder help, any ideas?

    Hi, before I take it to a shop (if it's even worth being repaired) does anybody know what could be the problem.
    I have a Philips DVD recorder 3480 which has a mind off it's own atm. It will switch on randomly & off randomly too. When you're playing DVD's it'll freeze and do nothing so you have to restart the dvd or even switch it off at the mains. Sometimes it says full discs are blank too.
    Opened it up and nothing looks out of place, but then I don't know what I'm looking for anyway.
    Anyone know what it could be, is it worth taking to get repaired & what is the usual rate?


    is it still under warranty?

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    That's what I thought, I was looking around and they're selling from £60 new now anyway. It's about 3 years old now so out of warranty.
    Thanks for your help

    had an akai which had a cracked board the heat generated by the machine causedd the board to expand apparently making it go haywire.. also after the whole player was replaced under warranty discs would freeze half way through a film ..this time apparently because the heat generated by the machine was causing discs to warp... plausible esp as this was an all in one player and the built-in amplifier did generate quite a bit of heat

    My Pioneer 420H-S has gone belly-up too - shouldn't really complain as I've had it a good 4+ years, but it's a pain when Christmas expenses are about to hit. If I could find a cheap one (under £100) with a decent hard drive tomorrow, I'd buy it. I need to be able to burn my dvds, so I don't want something that only allows me to watch what I've recorded, nor do I want something that requires me to transfer the footage to a computer in order to put it on dvd. Any recommendations gratefully received. Thanks.
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