Faulty GPU from CeX but don't have the receipt.

Posted 4th Jan
I bought a Graphics Card from CeX, it was a GTX 780 Ti for £90. I do not have the receipt but I scanned my card so will it show up if I give them my card and they look on my purchases?
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Good luck with CEX
They normally send a copy of your receipt to your email these days. Have you checked the email account that is registered to your CEX account?
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Bank statement is worth a try.
It will be on your cex card anyway. Makes no difference what any off think or say. You will have to take it in...
If you paid on a debit or credit card you can raise a claim through your bank
As long as you go back to the store you bought it from and you had used your membership card. It will all be fine.
If you’re worried, go in and ask for a copy of your receipt, once they give a copy, you can then advise you have a problem. Shouldn’t have to do that but if it gives a bit more peace of mind then on you go.
Despite what others say I’ve had no issues including much more valuable returns.
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