Faulty iPhone earphones - Would an Apple Store replace them?

Found 27th Jan 2010
I have had my iPhone a few months now and I have been using the earphones that came with them (the ones with the volume control button).

Recently I have noticed that the right ear of the earphones has started making a vibrating noise when I listen to any music with even the slightest bit of bass. It has now got so bad that I can only have the volume up a quarter of the way or the vibration noise becomes incredibly annoying.

Would Apple replace the earphones or would I be expected to buy another set? Considering I have only had them a few months and I take very good care of them, I don't understand why I am having problems with them.

I have an Apple store near me so I was going to go in tomorrow and explain the situation but I don't know if they would just give me a new set or tell me to sod off!

Does anyone know?

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Does no one know if Apple will replace faulty / broken earphones?
no iphone are sooooo yesterday ipad-bia a a t** lol

no iphone are sooooo yesterday ipad-bia a a t** lol

..............................uhuh. Very useful comment.
well they are covered under normal warranty for the ipod so worth asking
from apple site

iPhone Warranty
iPhone comes with 90 days of complimentary technical support. In addition, your iPhone, its rechargeable battery, and all included accessories are covered against defects for a full year from the purchase date by a limited hardware warranty.
Yes they replace em
Went to the Apple Store today and had to make an appointment with a "Genius" before they would replace the headphones. Luckily managed to get an appointment half an hour later and the "Genius" simply listened to bit of music on my iPhone using my headphones, said yeap they are knacked and gave me a brand new pair.
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