faulty key for car fixed

    Didn't know where to post this, but basically just a heads-up.

    Last wednesday my key card for my renault laguna went wrong... unlock button would no longer work, so therefore no disabling of the alarm or so I thought at the time.... later discovered that alarm can be disabled by inserting the card into the immobilizer card slot that you have to put it into to enable the ignition anyway...

    Anyway, found this guy online, he's based in wales, he can repair some kinds of car keys/cards.. paid for his next day service (after repair of course £30 cost), sent him my card on Thursday morning by special delivery next day £5.05 guaranteed before 1pm next day and guarantees the item upto £500 against damage/loss. Anyway, got the card back monday morning fully working again.

    Would have cost me £160 for a new keycard without this guys repair, so am very grateful, and is why I am spreading the word to help out others that might have problems with car keys instead of spending a fortune getting them replaced. The guy replaces switches on the circuitboard (of mine anyway) and checks and resolders any dry solder joints etc... basically like an overhaul for your key.
    Obviously before paying/sedning for repair check it's not a battery problem or actually a problem with the car rather than the key.

    Anyway, hope that helps even 1 person out.. I was dreading having to fork out £160 for a new one.


    Anything is possible in Wales

    Original Poster

    Oh by the way, am in no way affiliated with this guy.. think he runs it from his house.

    Thanks for the heads up - as you say, if it saves one person some dosh then your good deed is done.

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    No worries, to be honest I hope no-one has to use it... but in the event that a car key goes wrong it's worth a shot. even though it turns out I could've still used the car without the unlock button working, it's a lot of hassle to go through each time, so worth it to get it fixed ~(for me at least)
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