Faulty LCD TV

    Hi all, my mums lcd tv as a problem and i hope someone can help me out......

    The problem is when watching it, there is lots of red outlines and red shade all over the screen...... It is a really deep red, a bit like when you get red eye on a photo......
    For instance if someone or something is on the screen, the person/object as a deep red outline around it, and also patches of shaded red on the screen also....

    Can someone tell me if this is fixable and at what cost???? Or even point me to a website where someone else could help me.... Hope this makes sense

    Thanks in advance..


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    bump bump:oops:

    Is the scart lead plugged in properly:?

    unplug from wall for a few minutes . change all scarts to devices make sure plugged in properly and non have come loose turn down colour to just above black and white then +5 (max)

    try typing the model number into the search bar at avforums, you're far more likely to find relevant information there, such as any common problems, and best setting guides.
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