Faulty Nintendo Wii?

    Hi people,

    Have recenlty bought a Wii just for Wii Fit. However have noticed it is quite blurry when playing it on TV...I have hooked it up to my Plasma and understand it gets better with Composite cable - which I will buy later on.

    However I used to have a Wii before and sure the picture quality wasn't as bad as this! So does anyone know how Nintendos warranty procedure I haven't got a receipt for it as it was bought from eBay.



    Take a picture of The image that is being produced

    It all depends on the TV, are you using a different one to the one you used before?


    Its because you've been misinformed. It DOESN'T look better with a composite cable. What you need is a COMPONENT cable.

    Guarantee it will be much better.

    Example of what you need.…WII)

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the replies!

    I had a look on eBay and there are component cables avail at a fiver? Are they worth it?

    But I am sure they picture is far blurry than the Wii I used to have sometime back.

    it most prob is your tv, i wouldnt really go for the ebay fiver ones, if its an official nintendo one, then go for it. then'll know for sure whether its your wii or not.
    My wii is quite blurry on my LCD tv, but its playable and you can hardly notice blurryness.(if thats a word. . )
    Try hooking a 360 to it with component cable, if that comes out blurry, then it might just be your tv!
    Hope that helps

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    Thanks for the reply pal.

    I am sure the TV is working fine as I have a PS3 connected and other devices I connect via composite are fine.

    So thinking it may be the console....but the problem is I havent got the receipt...are Nintendo strict on the warranty?

    Composite cables are cheap (about £3) on ] but you will have to wait 7-10 days for delivery.
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