Faulty Nokia 5800

    I've got a problem with my Nokia 5800.I got it from play 2 weeks ago.Then I wanted to use my GPS and Internet Mobile but both don't work!!When I launch GPS there is an information " No internet connection>Select Options>Tools>Go Online'to go online. but it doesn't work.The same is with Internet Packet Data>Packet Data connection no Available.Nokia 5800 should set everything automatically.I visited Carphone Warehouse,told them about my problem,Gave it to fix,Yesterday I collected my mobile phone, and it's still The same,They didn't do anything,but I didn't have any time to check it,but few hours ago I did it.So anybodody know any sollution?What Can I do.Help Me.


    What sim card do you have ?,

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    o2 sim card

    Stupid question, but have you enter all the O2 settings in the phone ?

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    When I do quick format, Nokia always ask me to set configuration.I do that and then it should work Guy in the Carphone Warehouse was using nokia 5800 with any sim card,and it was working.

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    O2 can send you the settings here ,just follow the … O2 can send you the settings here ,just follow the instructions

    I dit it

    Unfortunately, we are not able to process your settings request at this time. Please contact Customer Service or your account manager to discuss further options.

    Everytime is the same.Tried couple of times

    Sounds like a sim card problem more than phone,You will have to give them a ring .

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    I will try with another o2 sim card.

    Have you used gprs/internet with the sim in the past ? You may not have the services enabled on the sim??

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    I used it,I mean Internet with my pervious nokia 6300.Now I changed sim card, so it looks like it connect to network,but i need at least 17p,so if think it's sim card problem??Bus still problem with GPS.I launched and:

    Unable to find preferred Drive :C for storing map data.The following drive will used ;E/

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    Is it good Idea to ask anybody in O2 store??

    Try sending the settings from the Nokia site,…ngs

    Go to step 3 and a new box opens, enter your phone info and number and it'll send the setting to your phone via text. Follow the info for setting them live, restart the phone and (as long as the phones not got a hardware problem) that should do it. . .

    Good luck.
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