Found 21st Dec 2010
Please could somebody help out?
I have a Acekard 2I, I have just removed the sd card to load more information and the card will not insert again. The card appears to go all the way in but will not lock into position with the spring mechanism. Can this be fixed?
Many thanks

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Take it apart and find out, if its the spring comming of some sort of holder/clip then re-attach if not bin it.

No, not all of them have the springs in. But if it does and is broken you will either have to chance the card staying in, put a bit of tape over it to hold it in or best to buy a new one.

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For how much these cost now think I will go back to R4’s

cannot buy these cards in the UK anymore but there are plenty of places online, picked up 2 acekard 2i for £20.


I still have a cheap ass acekard 2i from a longg while back fromdealextreme. Occasionally flick it on, update it, just to remind myself that it's genuine lol.

Stil lthat sucks man, buy another and be more gentle :P
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