Faulty PS3 Help - Corrupt HDD - Options With Sony ?

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Found 2nd Mar 2009
Just taken stock of a busted PS3 - hard drive corrupted. Dont know how old the unit is but i think it came from Blockbuster about 8 months ago (maybe second hand from there i dont know). Other than just replacing the hdd with a 320gig from Play what are my options with Sony. Some same just ring them and say you lost the reciept, others say take out the insurance scheme for a month and then ring em and claim, others say Sony dont give a damn theyll replace it anyways (but if so what do i say?).

Any thoughts on my best option for this unit ? If i need to blag it from Sony what do i say ? Also what about the units serial number, its not a nicked one dont worry, but what if its came from Blockbuster second hand and the original owner regged it ? Lastly how much would Sony charge to swap for a refurb if im stuffed ? I could be cheeky and swap the busted hdd in this one with my sons one that was regged to me at xmas but dont really want that hastle and ive never had a problem with his unit touch wood.

Ideas/experience anyone ? Rep added for the person who comes up with the least money option LOL :-D


too be honest your best bet if you cant get it fixed under any sort of warrenty through sony is to buy a new HDD, I bought a new HDD for around £50 (250gb back last year) they'll be cheaper now, If they wont accept it under warrenty they'll accept the console from you and replace it with a refurb one for £150 which is alot of money! Which model is it? 40gb/60gb?

Remove PS3 HDD, connect up to a computer (assuming it still works) then format (the aim is simply to make the drive unrecognisable) and reinsert into the console.

You'll then have to provide the PS3 with a firmware image (via fat32 external drive or stick) which can be downloaded from Sony's website so that it can reconstruct the internal filesystem.

Job done.

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HDD fails at 41% format. Hmm may ring Sony now and try and blag it :-)
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