Faulty ps3 * your input needed*

    my 60GB ps3 recently came down with a case of the red light death and sadly its out of warranty
    So i have a few options and would like your input as to which i should do

    1. replacement 60GB via sony for £130.00
    2. 160GB refurb also from sony for £130.00
    3. get it fixed down at my local repair shop for £70.00

    I do not want to sell it as broke as ive seen them go recently for as little as £40.00

    any input will be greatly appreciated.



    I say get it fixed at your local repair shop.

    or you can even try it yourself



    the red light of death is standby lol

    get it fixed


    fix it yourself for 20 quid and 2 hours of time :thumbsup:
    its easy btw

    at £130, you might as well add more and get the new 40nm cell/rsx machines which are coming out soon.


    Sony should be offering a better warranty scheme for this issue (YLOD is it, not sure what the red light issue is mentioned in OP). Shocking way to treat loyal customers.

    I do not want to sell it as broke as ive seen them go recently for as … I do not want to sell it as broke as ive seen them go recently for as little as £40.00

    To be honest its your best bet.

    Pay £130 and you have a phat 60gb refurb
    Pay £130 and you have a phat 160gb refurb (not sure on this option - you sure its a refurb?)


    Sell it and add £150ish and get a brand new 120gb slim, with 12 month warranty

    For £20 more you are getting a hell of a lot of a better console, brand new and under warranty- they are also much less likely to YLOD in future. From what I can make out any fix will not fix it for good, ie the problem will reoccur. At which point you will be asked to cough up another £130 no doubt.

    This happened to me twice, i rang them up and complained!

    Basically said that i have had multiple breaks and that Sony shouldn't have faulty products etc, they sent my call to the manager who said they will repair it free of charge!

    Definately worth a punt.

    I say learn how to fix it yourself. There is a great guide on my page that is worth checking out. It may give you an idea on how to fix it on your ow hop it can help.…ps3
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