Faulty Surge Protection Extension Leads

Found 30th Jul
Once the surge indicator light is out, can you continue to use the extension lead as a standard, non surge protected adapter?

I ask as I've been using a few, and when I bought a new one today, the instructions said not to use if the surge light is out?
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They say don't use it as you won't have the protection. It will still have the protection of your domestic rcb/surge protection and the fuse in the plug so you aren't in imminent danger - just your appliances as the surge protection is no longer there. It will allow a peak that is outside normal parameters through that could damage your equipment.
You will have zero surge protection until you replace the MOV in the adapter or buy an single socket surge protector as a pass thru
Yes you can use as a non surge protected. However I'd be a little more concerned about the possibility of it overheating so don't use it near curtains etc. I did the same with the one in my washroom, it overheated one day and electrics tripped I found it had melted on a non used socket.

I also had mine plugged in a surge protector.

Worth changing for a few quid to be on the safe side.
I've been using mine for over five years without the surge protection, not had a problem.
I use it for my PS4 so gets a lot of use, well it used to...
May just be the led
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