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Found 8th May 2018
Hey everyone

I purchased a tumble dryer from very in feburary 2017 I didnt take out the extra warrenty cover so swan or very wont help me as I am out of the warrenty period, this morning as I have gone to put it on its started making a really loud spinning noise, smells of burning and when I open it smoke comes out of the drum. This doesn't happen until about 5 mins into the cycle. Does anyone have an experience with tumble dryers whether this is a easy fix or whether I bite the bullet and get a new tumble dryer which I dont really want to do, especially not from very

it is a swan STC7020W 8kg Condenser Sensor Tumble Dryer and here is the link

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

Thank you
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Check here first. I don't have all your details so I can't do it, but it's worth a look... Swan recalls
Could be a snapped belt and the smell is the rubber belt burning. Belts are not the easiest to change on a tumble dryer (unlike a washing machine).

The other reason for the burning smell could be fluff has made its way into and onto the heating element. This shouldn't happen and if any doubt get a professional in.
Consumer rights act 2015, have a look here which.co.uk/con…act . look at Make a faulty goods complaint on that page.
Where did you buy it from?
You can let very know you want to make a claim u fee the consumer rights act. They fill out a form and you can get a partial refund or a repair
Sign up with domestic and general, wait a few weeks then put claim in...
Getting tumble dryers repaired is not a good idea. They keep breaking down again and again. It costs more... I will advise you to buy a new tumble dryer and buy a good brand. Also some companies include 5 year warranty at no extra cost (such as Samsung).....
Good luck
Was the drum turning, if it didn't it could well be a broken belt.

Googling suggests you model has two belts, a short one that links to a double pulley on the motor which I think is a little bit unusual, it presumably drives a large belt fitted around the drum.

There are plenty of videos on youtube showing how to replace a belt and other repairs for condenser dryers that should give you a good idea of how to go about it.

You might get better advice on a specialist site:- ukwhitegoods.co.uk/for…tml
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