Faulty TV ?

Purchased the Samsung TV from currys when it was on offer at the beginning of december.

First i had problem with the usb memory stick not being recognised, i rang samsung and they said yes must be faulty take it back for a refund or we can send out an engineer, i kept trying and now it works, now when i play certian avi dvd's i get 2 black lines left and right, if i go to menu then change to wide it's fine even tho i have it set to auto wide.

My 28 days to return for a refund is up in 3 days, so not sure whether i should or put up with it, and will currys offer refund even though they say they will upto 28days?


If you've spent a lot of money on a TV and you're not sure that you want to keep it then don't! There will be a better offer along soon that you WILL be sure of.

Take it in, immediately, im sure if they dont give cash refund, they#ll give store credit, which you could always put towards a different tv, which would be good in a way since boxing day sale and all that... i would take ti in today see what you can done with the store manager, hopefully things go your way like i said its a good day if you do intend to buy a replacement tv, so go before all the good ones have gone

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Do i need to return it to the store i purchased from? as there is a store nearer but when i purchased they were out of stock.

I remember the following day i bought it i tried to return it then as i bought it on impulse but the manager wouldn't take it back as i opened the box ! so had a row with him :whistling:

well you have a reason why you have returned now, rather than impulse buy, and as lnog as you have a reciept, just start talking jargon at him, and so enough he'll know your not a stupid buyer, and will start to comply, you just need to make sure he knows, that you know where you stand sooner you do it the better, and why not try both stores, (if the first doesnt work). if you cant get a refund, push for store credit.


lol @ 2 black lines left and right. That's because the DVD is made for 4:3 not 16:9


If you are already aware of the 28days then that is exactly what you have to quote any manager of a store. Also dont ASK them if they'll refund, TELL them to refund as thats your consumer right within the 28days...impulse or otherwise!!

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Yeah think i will go for a refund, the first time it wasn't faulty i just said i didn't want it, least this time with the USB Samsung said it must be faulty and that to return it for a refund / replacement even though its working now :whistling:

And yeah thats the pic i get, only does it now and then tho ?

mate those blacklines arent faulty then, its just how the file is played, you need to change the settings on your screen from 16:9 to 4:3, whilst your playing those certain files...

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Just changed it to 4:3 while the dvd was playing and it goes even smaller :oops:


Just changed it to 4:3 while the dvd was playing and it goes even smaller … Just changed it to 4:3 while the dvd was playing and it goes even smaller :oops:

some avi files are just badly encoded or encoded with a format that the tv isnt recognising.

if it plays some but not all like this, the tv isnt faulty.

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Thats good then, that saves me taking it back :thumbsup:
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