Faulty TV after 1 year warranty.

Found 16th Nov 2017
2829325-6E43P.jpgMixed information about what the rights are across the web.

Had Samsung 55" JU6400 4k TV since January 18th 2016 so approaching 2 years old and just recently a dark shadow has appeared on the bottom of my screen.

Typically, in the past i have bought with Richer sounds with 5 years, Argos had 3 years and never had to replace a TV in over 10 years. Now this happens. With no extended warranty.

Am i fubared?
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I’d get in touch with the retailer and find out what warranty it came with. Most TVs of that spec from reputable retailers were offering 2-5 year warranties.
Back light issues. If it’s a 1 year warranty I doubt they will help.
The Consumer Rights Act 2015 apply. citizensadvice.org.uk/Glo…pdf

Give the retailer a call,mention the above Act and say that you expected the TV to last longer than it has.

After that - everything is open to negotiation but they do have some liability.
Good luck with that.
All products have to last a reasonable period of time and 2 years for a mid-range TV like that is not reasonable so I'd definitely get in touch with the retailer and ask them do something about it.

They are entitled to ask you to prove it's a fault with the TV rather than damage you've done to it but unless there's surface damage that's probably not going to be an issue here.
alankfc025 m ago

Good luck with that.

I've had part refunds in the past for goods out of warranty - used to come under the Sale of Goods Act, now under the newer legislation.

Retailer will try to fob OP off but need to insist they have responsibility for up to 6 years under above act for electrical goods.

Major retailers all have procedures in place for this - Tesco send out a OTM form (over 12 month) to be completed - then have a sliding scale of refund offer based on the age of the appliance.
Can you see this problem with the light on ?
You will see the problem on a light coloured screen. It’s no unusual to see this.
nah, I'm ******. Ordered with Very 20% offer, havent ordered anything with them when they messed up my COD IW/MWR order, has it about two weeks after release. My account is due to close with them on 24/12/2017. An early present.

Save my sanity and just put a sledge through my TV. Can't be dealing with them again.

Then buy an LG OLED tv to make myself feel better.
alankfc0220 m ago

You will see the problem on a light coloured screen. It’s no unusual to s …You will see the problem on a light coloured screen. It’s no unusual to see this.

i noticed on the last round of international football games but it was the Switzerland v Rep of Ireland game and the pitch was dreadful but it was hard to tell because there were patches of mud all across the pitch
I had a similar problem with a Samsung a couple of years ago, although the bleeding was worse but could only be seen on green or blue pictures.
I contacted Currys and had to pay £60 for an out of warranty claim. They picked up the tv and dropped it back 2 weeks later with the same problem, this happened 3 times.
Eventually they offered 50% of the cost plus the £60, which I accepted because tv prices had dropped sharpish. The tv was 30 months old btw.
I had advice and help from CAG.
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