Faulty Tyres on a less than year old vw

Found 5th Jun 2010
I bought a VW polo brand new from the VW dealership less than a year ago and i've recently noticed that my front right tyre has 3 evenly spaced out egg shapes in the tyre and the left hand side front tyre has a sort of ridge in it. I've been told that 1 egg might constitute hitting the curb but 3 and the problem with the other tyre looks like they are just faulty.

I went to the dealership and made a complaint and they told me i had to purchase new tyres from them or from a garage and return my old tyres to the manufacturer.

Do i have any sort of rights with the car being less than a year old that the dealership should replace the faulty tyres for free?
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Get in touch with Voltswagon direct. Sounds like the dealer is being an ass. What would happen if they agreed that the tyres did have a defect... give you a replacement - which you'd already bought!
Yeah the guy i spoke to wasn't at all interested, he didn't even check the tyres he just took the size measurements and went off to do a quote.
Have you kerbed them at all?

They do sound faulty to me. Have a search on the web to see if others have had the same problem.

Contact VW direct and complain. If you get no joy contact the CEO. His details are:

Volkswagen UK Chris Craft, Director chris.craft@volkswagen.co.uk

If you still have problems contact something like AutoExpress. There intervention usually gets the manufacturers interested in your problem. Especially as tyres are a Critical item and they won't want to be known as selling goods that are not only faulty but are down right dangerous.
doubt youl get anywhere ,how old are tires you say less than 1 year does that mean just under 1 year ,probably caused by the potholes that are everywhere

your only hope is they are only a couple of months old otherwise youve had it
Your be suprized how little curb contact be it parking or driving you need on some tyres now days. Pirelli are soft I clipped a very flat slopped curb once to avoid a lorry this resulted in a massive buldge on a week old tyre. Are they all showing the buldges or just the front ones? And if it's only on the outside Walls this would indicate curbing to me. How may miles have the tyres covered?
Good luck in what ever you decide to do but don't hold your breathe.
I doubt you will get brand new tyres for free , if they agree replacement as they are worn and you have had use out of them they will calculate the cost of the tread thats left.

Say a tyre has 10mm when new and there is only 3mm left you will probably get 30% off a new tyre as you have used 70% of it.

Dealers are probably expensive for tyres anyway
don't give up...........

i once had a decent motorcycle and the stock tyres it was meant to use were treacherous in wet conditions. i complained to the manufacturer (dunlop) with the ultimate result being i got a brand new pair of uprated tyres for about (as i recall) £35 or so, they should have been £200+.
It is common practice for the customer to pay for new tyres and have the ones in question sent off to the tyre manufacturer for inspection. If the tyres are found to be faulty you should get a refund after inspection. If there's still a good amount of tread left i'd say it's a 50-50 chance of getting a refund but you need new tyres now anyway so get the best deal you can and take the old ones back to the supplying vw dealer.

I'm having to do the same with my year old type r, Honda say it's down to the way I drive!
Yeah i have probably clipped the curb a few times but the fact that there's 3 eggs evenly spaced across the tyre and the other tyre has the ridge in it makes me think that they are faulty. But again saying that the suspension on the car is crap, feels like the car is going to fall apart if i hit a pothole.

We bought two cars at the same time from the dealership so do you think complaining about the service we got and hinting that we were thinking of exchanging one of the cars might persuade them to replace the tyres?
Faulty tyres my ass, learn to park properly.
I have a driveway, don't need to learn how to park on't estate like yourself.
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