faulty washing machine - comet or bosch?

Found 17th Jun 2009

I have a 7 month old washing machine that has stopped spinning properly and the rubber on the inside of the door has split - would you call comet (retailer) or bosch (manufacturer)?

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I'd call comet as they are the people you bought it from and should replace/repair it for you.
When you buy something your contract is with the retailer ( Comet ) but they will try to fob you off and tell you to contact bosch,
We had a Bosch Engineer come out and replace our rubber seal about a year ago - but the washing machine was over a year old.

We've just renewed our warranty - a couple of days ago I believe that was with Bosch as well - we looked around but couldn't beat their deal.
I bought a Hotpoint washing machine from Comet. It broke over xmas and I tried calling Comet repair people out but they were closed. Called Hotpoint and they told me that they couldn't fix it as Comet do not buy the waranty option from the manufacturer but use their own repair people/centres. So recomend calling Comet.
thanks for the answers guys - will dish out some rep in a min - I'll give comet a ring and cross my fingers!
IANAL however, much Comet may not like it, they have a legal oblication under the Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended).

Your contract of sale is with the chop, not the manufacturer.

The Goods must be:

Fit for purpose
As described
Fit for purpose
Reasonably durable

If they ain't, the responsibility of providing you a remedy lies with the shop, as the other party to your contract, NOT the manufacturer.

These rights are over and above any manufacturer's warranty.

Saying "The warranty is up" doesn't necessarily carry amny weight.

"reasonably durable" would reflect how long you could reasonably expect an item to remain fault free. With something very durable, this can be up to six years, at which time it runs into a legal time limit.

I would submit that a washing machine would be expected to last several years, especially a premier brand.

Obviously, you wouldn't expect a replacement that far down the line, but certainly a repair.

Mind you - you may have to kick up a stink to get anywhere.

Gooogle "small claims court" ready for backup.
just called comet and they are coming out Monday - all going pretty well so far - fingers still crossed
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