Found 18th Sep 2008
Help me HUKD!

I bought a xbox 360 on the 16/09.08 which was 2 days ago!
It started to make high pitch noises which were coming from the fan,
SoI took it back to game store in bristol, i rang them before i took it down there, they said they'll test it out which i was totally fine with, So once they tested it - they say its a normal 360 noise!
I told them its a high pitch noise and if they could turn the music off in the store and they would realize it, but they wouldnt because one of the female store assistant goes " i dont want the radio to be turned off!"
Im really annoyed because im certain theres something wrong with it!
After all that - I took it back home,
It crashed while playing the fifa 09 demo 3 times! and also when playing burnout today!

The people there were horrible, just because im a 16 year old they treat me like im nothing!

Can some one link me to a consumer rights etc page, which i will print out and then hand this in to them to show i have a right for them to switch the console for me!
I cant find the right page at the moment! They've p******d me off to the max here!

If they treat me like sh*t again ill report them to the trading agencys!

I need some advice on what else i can do! i want to give them a right bullocking tommorow!

Thanks & Rep will be given to good stuff



Doesnt sound right at all mate, can you not take someone older with you? Sounds like they are fobbing you off as a kid, if you are from round my way i'd go in with you cos I hat pompous gits like that!

Same here mate if you where close to me id go with ya, that music would be off in 5 secs guaranteed, its faulty mate a new 360 shouldnt crash, find someone to go back with you, tell them its crashing

Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended) says goods must be as described, free from defects and reasonably durable.

If they ain't the comeback is against your supplier (the shop) NOT the manufacturer.

Go in, aqsk to speak to the manager.

Make a point of gettinng his name (write it down)

Carefully explain that he fan is noisy (which suggets there's somethig not right) and that it has already crashed several times - which would suggest overheating internally.

Tell him this is your second and last visit as the staff were uncooperative and rude to you last time.

If he makes life awkward, tell him you will write to the head office (registered) with a copy to the store and to the local trading standards. and that any more effort and expense you incur will be recorded and will be to the shop's account.

Whatever you do, don't start shouting and cussing. You're above that.

Make a record of everything.

Innvolve Trading Standards if you need

Consider Which? Legal advice service (about a tenner for 3 months)

Dont let the ******s wear you down.

take a look here hun…hts
and as the lads above have said, take an adult with you tomorrow, not that you should bloody have to :x
disgusting customer service, your money is as good as anyones.

Original Poster

Im going to ring up tommorow complain about how they were, get the managers name.

I'll try a different store - theres about 5 in bristol! I might go to the store up in cribbs causeway

thanks for everything peeps!

don't foget they get reduced tomorrow, so if you can get a refund and buy another one even at the same should get it for the new price and be 20/30 quid up.

Original Poster

I dont really care to be honest, i just want them to switch the damn thing! lol

Thanks for the information though =) Much appreciated.
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