Faulty Xbox one

Posted 27th Oct
a friend has just told me his Xbox one s isn't working properly and has said I can have it for 20 quid! surely it's worth a punt getting it in working order?
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It entirely depends on what is wrong with it.
Can I walk into a cex store and get it looked at
Surely your ‘friend’ will tell you what is happening with it? Would help work out if it’s worth taking and trying to repair
You really need to know what's wrong with it. Could be twenty quid down the drain, or you could hit lucky and it'll be an easy fix.
I grabbed a faulty ps3 back in the day for £30 and turned out just needed a firmware update to fix it, so lucky!!!
I say grab it, plenty of guides on the net to fix whatever comes your way, and even if you don’t, you’ll learn plenty.
Got a rough idea of what the fault is?
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