Faulty/Broken Philips x57 - Any interest?

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Found 10th May 2009
Would there be any interest in a broken/faulty Philips x57 laptop?

Its broken... the screen appears to be broken under the front glass
when power button is pressed the fan just spins at high speed but i dont know if anything happens due the screen...

INTEL CORE 2 DUO T5500 Processor 1.66GHz, 667MHz FSB, 2MB cache and
1024MB RAM plus,
100 GB Hard Drive,
DVD+/- RW Optical Drive
256MB NVIDIA GE FORCE GO7400 Graphics.
Vista Ultimate

would there be any interest? and what sort of price, so i know whther or not to open a FS thread..



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you cant open one for 7 days since mentioning it here. I would suggest trying it on an external monitor first.


jackie does this look a little like the fs boards

op as adma has pointed out, this can no onger be offered in the fs boards till this has been locked and you have waited a full 7 days from locking


i will offer £5 del


Original Poster

right well if someone expresses an interest, someone tells me a rough idea, and someone is prepared to wait the 7 days.. ill expire then list... thats not a problem


dead motherboard
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