Favourite Call of Duty game (COD)

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Found 22nd Jul 2014
List your favourite COD games, For me it's:

Black Ops

The rest i don't really care for


Cod 4
cod 3
mod mw2
cod 3
The rest

All of them are like my children and I treat them all the same.

Locked up in the cupboard.

call of doody: brown plops
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For me, After MW2 it started going down hill.

I do miss playing cod games though, Because they are easy to pick up and play a few games when you haven't got much time, Compare that to Battlefield, You might finish 1 game within half hour lol

Black ops 1

The rest i don't really care for.

World at War
Black Ops
Modern Warfare 2
Modern Warfare
Black Ops 2

The others (that I've played) were all a bit "meh".

MW2 (technically, I think this was better than CoD4, but I'll rank original top since it was what hooked me in - MW2 was a fantastic sequel)

The rest were crap.

Call of duty 3

for me nothing beat the german lever rifle, it required pure skill to get kills with it due to its slow firing and reload (unline the american springfield rifle) but get 2 clean hits and they were down

loved it
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COD 4 / MW2 / BO. No particular order.

My favourite in terms of multiplayer was BO.




That old, overused joke I just posted has made me feel hungry...oO

[email protected]

COD 4 & [email protected] , thats it.

Agreed. I did enjoy Black Ops 2 as well. Thought the rest were crap though.

The very first one (PC only) made the biggest impact on me.

MW1 was my favorite multiplayer one. Got progressively less interested after that and didn't purchase any after MW2.

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So does anyone actually play the new Call of Duty's then?


Cod 3 was the best then cod 4, went down hill badly from then on, they all seem to be run, gun and full of mouthy annoying kids.... So now I play bf

In my opinion, best to worst is:
Black Ops, World at War, MW2, Black Ops 2, Cod 4, Ghosts, MW3.
I haven't played 1,2,3.

multiplayer first person shooters were awesome when they were first released like:
golden eye, quake 2, timesplitters, unreal tournament 2 and counter strike
now its meh
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MW2, BLOPS2 & [email protected]

but in there own way i enjoy all of them even Ghosts and i am looking forward to Advanced warfare,

It looks like it can take on Titanfall without the stupid Titans.

I really enjoyed MW1,2 and 3. I couldn't get in to the Treyarch games. I was a late adopter of CoD, which is why I think I enjoyed MW3 more than most. I think everyone else was bored of the series by then.

MW was the best.

The kill streaks in MW2 was a step too far and took the FPS out of the game.

WW2 games were great, COD 4 is brilliant, and the BO games were good, but anything else = meh.
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