Favourite characters from books you've read.

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Found 3rd Dec 2016
And guess the book(s) It's a quiz.

'One' of mine................ Saltheart Foamfollower. Who? Which books?

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lord iffy boatrace

Death in any disc world book

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sigh..........oO some people are soooooo......... ???????? (_;)

The Thomas Covenant books
edit;a giant if I remember rightly
Edited by: "Wongy110" 3rd Dec 2016

Rebus is always good for a laugh

Winnie The Pooh



Stig of the Dump.


Death in any disc world book



Adrian Mole

Harry Potter

Spot The Dog.


sigh..........oO some people are soooooo......... ???????? (_;)

Life without a tale is like the sea without salt ....... I'm going to go with Loomis (Zachariah)from a book I read as a young teen, but I think it's probably out of print now , so I'm not expecting anyone to know who he was.

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Aech from Ready Player One.


lord iffy boatrace

Lord that takes me back . Must dig that out and read it again

Atticus finch
Owen meaney
Bridget Jones

Robert Langdon
Tyrion Lannister
Arlen Bales the painted man.

so many good ones i cant cut it down to less than three...

'e' as its so useful
'x' as its so exotic
and of course... '!' the ever evocative exclamation mark

dont get me started on apostrophes though (_;)

Peter and Jane

John Taylor.

Eddie Drood.

The Walking Dude, The Stand and Dark Tower series.

Mkvenner, from the Gaunt's Ghosts series. Cool, calm, and totally badass.8)

Oh, and Nakor, from the series by Raymond E Feist. Eternally outdoing the godlike magicians, yet refusing to accept magic is real, and it's all just trickery.:D
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