favourite characters from your top 5 favourite shows

    you are only allowed to choose one from each show


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    Lost - Sawyer
    The Wire - Slim Charles (thats a difficult one as I loved Omar, Mcnulty, Bubs, Cutty and the Bunk)
    Friends - Chandler
    Sienfeld - George
    Arrested Development - Gob

    Simpsons = Bart
    Scooby doo = scooby doo
    Dasterdly and Mutley = Mutley.
    Danger Mouse = Mouse.
    Captain caveman = Caveman

    House - House
    NCIS - Gibbs
    Spaced - Tim Bisley
    Black Books - Bernard Black
    Only Fools And Horses - Del

    Ideal...... Cartoonhead
    Family Guy ......Stewie
    i can't think of any more cos i don't watch that much TV or follow many programmes on a regular basis.

    just thought of another courtesy of jonfac....Gavin and Stacey....Vanessa

    Friends - Joey
    How I met your mother - Barney
    The Simpsons - Homer
    Heroes - Sylar
    Gavin and Stacey - Smithy

    Friends = Chandler
    Heroes = Peter Petreilli
    Shameless = Frank Gallagher
    Desperate Housewives = Gabrielle
    Skins = Emily

    Sex & The City - Samantha
    Desperate Housewives - gabrielle Solice
    Ugly Betty - Amanda
    Coronation Street - Blanche!
    Ghost Whisperer - Melinda

    no order

    Garth Marenghi - Dark Place
    Milky Joe - Mighty Boosh
    Homer Simpson - Simpsons
    Peter Griffin - Family Guy
    Major Dick Winters - Band of Brothers

    Simpsons: Homer
    Friends: Joey
    Gavin & Stacey: Bryn
    Only Fools & Horses: Trigger
    Lost: Hurley or (least favourite character BG1)

    Lost - Sawyer
    Heroes - Peter Petrelli
    Two and a Half Men - Berta
    Friends - Chandler
    IT Crowd - Moz

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    Sex & The City - SamanthaDesperate Housewives - gabrielle SoliceUgly … Sex & The City - SamanthaDesperate Housewives - gabrielle SoliceUgly Betty - AmandaCoronation Street - Blanche!Ghost Whisperer - Melinda

    from looking at your list, I amguessing that you like fashion and you're a bit of a bitch, am I right?:thumbsup:


    Restricting to five is tricky... I'll go for a list of five males...

    "Monk" - Adrian
    "Waking The Dead" - Peter Boyd
    "Judge John Deed" - John
    "Jonathan Creek" - Jonathan
    "Top Gear" - The big J.C.



    I don't watch much TV but here goes

    Lost - Locke/Sawyer
    Simpsons - This is one is hard, i would say Krusty maybe
    Top Gear - Clarkson
    Friends - Joey
    Whose Line is it Anyway - Ryan Stiles
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