I was wondering what your favourite games were


Urban Upstart - Spectrum
Beach Buggy - Atari ST
Pinball Fantasies - Amiga
Shining Force - Megadrive
Tetris Attack - SNES
Star Ocean 2 - PSX
Hot Shots Golf - PSP
Dragon Warrior Joker - NDS
GTA4 - PS3
Xbox stinks so no game lol

i still love theme hospital on the pc (sad i know lol)

Flashback for Mega Drive/SNES

my son keeps getting my old mega drive out and playing sonic, i keep finding myself sneeking a quick go

this has just been done


mines resident evil 2 on the PS and RE4 on the PS2

Monkey Island 1 & 2, but they are not on consoles. The best games i've ever played

Gta SA

gotta be mario kart,had from day 1 release and still not bored with it, in fact when i went on my hols for 2 weeks i missed it terribly that is sad lol:oops:

Mario Kart 64 - N64
Goldeneye 007 - N64
Pilot Wings - N64
Lylat Wars - N64
1080 Snowboarding - N64
Starcraft - PC
Red Alert 2 - PC
Tiberium Sun - PC

cod4 360 online

mine was koola world for playstation...
would love a copy again but its rare

atm, playing the psp so God of war: chains of olympus- brilliant game, worth getting the psp for alone! and also space invaders extreme and Exit 2


mine was koola world for playstation...would love a copy again but its … mine was koola world for playstation...would love a copy again but its rare

Get a psx emulator for pc then dl the game, i actually picked this game up in Game a couple of years back for a fiver, lucky find.

if you can allow a pc game - rollercoaster tycoon 1
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