Favourite Film Character

    Just a bit of light hearted nonsense - who is your favourite film character.

    I'll start off with a couple
    Brick Top - Snatch
    Lt Aldo Raine - Inglorious Basterds



    is nonsense allowed on this site :?

    Original Poster


    is nonsense allowed on this site :?

    Yeah I love nonsense threads :thumbsup:

    donkey - shrek

    and seriously
    maximus - gladiator

    Tony Montanna - Scarface

    Edward Cullen - Twilight

    Kirk Lazurus from Tropic Thunder


    Achilles - Troy

    francis begbie -trainspotting

    John Candy and Steve Martin in Planes Trains

    Chunk the Goonies

    too many to mention

    Lt Vincent Hanna - Heat
    'Dutch' - Predator

    Dr. Venkman - Ghostbusters
    Jessica Rabbit

    Hannibal Lecter

    Randal Graves- clerks


    Indiana Jones.

    Evil Roy Slade.......



    Yeah I love nonsense threads :thumbsup:

    you'll love this one then (note the OP) :-D…day

    Ferris Bueller

    Wikus van de Merwe - District 9
    Lt Aldo - Inglorious



    +1 on that, totally...

    ....and the Child Catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.....:p

    Captain Jack Sparrow - no need to say anymore

    happy gilmore

    Original Poster


    you'll love this one then (note the OP) … you'll love this one then (note the OP) :-D

    lol nice one

    Jay & Silent Bob - in all movies

    "the chosen one" from kung pow, love that film!!!

    Andy Dufrense - Shawshank redemption.

    Léon - Léon
    John Coffey - Green Mile
    Puss in Boots - Shrek 2

    Biggus Dickus in "life of Brian":-D

    Jack Walsh - Midnight Run

    Sgt Hartman.

    Full Metal Jacket.
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