Favourite Iphone App?

I've currently got 6 pages of apps, and that's without the ones I have taken off the phone. There's quite a lot of games that aren't much kop, so I was wondering if anyone out there has recommendations?

I'm particularly interested in which game you play the most? I have downloaded loads that I've never played more than once. The games I spend most time on are Peggle and Flight Control




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Fits :roll:

Cartoon Wars and Doodle Jump would be my recommendations. Paper Toss is also simple but strangely addictive.

If you went for one of those go to Doodle Jump. You will keep coming back to it.

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Same with flight control, it's so simple as games go but I can't leave it alone :oops:

Sky Force Reloaded - without a shadow of a doubt! :thumbsup:

Also worth mentioning Traffic Rush. It might still be free, actually.

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Thanks Crazy Jamie, I downloaded that one, not quite hooked on it yet. I'm still hooked on Flight control, drives me mad. Also thanks for the Sky Force Reloaded tip, I'll probably get that - although £1.19 is a lot of money!!!

Bejeweled is very addictive

Tap Tap revenge 3!!

Best & most addictive game there is


Bejeweled is very addictive

2, agree

Earthworm Jim, classic game.
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