Favourite Kinda Cheese?

    Cathedral City!

    Buff Stuff!!


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    yup cathedral city...gorgeous...yum

    Ohh Yeah!
    Melted On A Jacket Potato!

    stilton for me

    Cake (Cheese cake)!!! :thumbsup:

    only ever buy cathedral city, although partial to roule at xmas

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    Cheese Cake - A CAKE MADE OF CHEESEEE!


    Rocqfout (sheeps cheese):thumbsup:

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    I Used To Eat Melted Cheese On A Plate!

    its like stilton but has cranberries in it instead i think.

    Wensleydale with cranberries. Yum.

    Yep, Cathedral City for me too. I sometimes buy other cheddar if they are on special offer, but my hubby gets soooo annoyed then. He only likes Cathedral City.
    I also love brie and danish blue. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

    brie, especially if there's a glass of red wine too:-D

    mine is stilton mmmmmmm

    any decent mature cheddar will do me fine

    saganaki - the good stuff - crete is best in my opinion

    fulll fat cheese, dipped briefly in flour and fried, quick squirt of lemon juice

    greek heaven!

    deep fried brie with cranberry sauce mmmmmmmmmm

    brie, at the moment, toasted brie and black pudding with bacon, really hungry now, all odb's fault with his nando's post.:roll:

    i also love halloumi, greek cheese that needs to fried or grilled first, yum.

    Blacksticks Blue and Collier Vintage Mature Cheddar mmmmmmmmm tasty!
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