Favourite meal?

    As the title suggests what is your favourite meal?


    chips lol


    fish and chips or lasange

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    chips lol

    me too lol

    Mince and tatties

    spag bol or home made chicken tikka

    am i the only one who dont like chips hehe

    whenever i go to a chipshop i Never buy chips


    whenever i go to a chipshop i Never buy chips

    What do you go in for then? LOL :whistling:

    like burgers

    chicken fillet wraps

    the odd saveloy

    and chicken wings mmmmmmm! LOL

    ooooh saveloys! yum!

    What on gods earth is a saveloy????????


    What on gods earth is a saveloy????????

    its one of those red sausages u will see in the chip shop

    the smoked ones?

    Could be any of the following, in no relative order lol

    KfC (hot wings and toasted wrap)
    Spag Bol
    Buffalo wings with a soured cream and chive dip
    lasagne and chips
    or steak (fillet), chips and a great big mound of Tom sauce.

    Oh and Duck with just black bean sauce and spring onions and fried rice .....aargghgggg foooood !!!

    I love the weekends in my house, on Saturday we always have Salmon, pasta in carbonara sauce and broccoli and on Sundays it's the full on Chicken roast - chicken, roast potatoes, stuffing, cauliflower & carrots.

    Yum yum yum


    Eat it almost every night of the week:P

    I really like salmon with some nice vegetables or tune wih mayo and pasta!

    But for sandwhiches I really like tuna and mayo.


    i lurrrrrrrrrrve quorn !


    Chicken tikka jalfrezi, with a chapati & pilau rice and a bottle of ice cold lager to wash it down- really ladylike :giggle:

    A lovely sandwich! :thumbsup:

    By the way, I hate chips and never buy them from chip shops also...
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