Favourite sandwich filling?

    I'm totally racked off with ham sarnies. Any suggestions?


    Blue Cheese and mayo


    Tuna and mayo

    corned beef and bbq sauce

    I Also Used To Like "starting At The Bottom" Toast,cheese,egg,bacon,sausage,black Pud,cheese,toast.

    No Wander My Ticker Is Tuckerd Out Lol

    parma ham and fried egg wrap + mustard mayo

    cherry tomatoes, Montgomery cheese and onion chutney, seeded batch bread

    egg mayo, cracked pepper, water cress and rocket, seeded batch bread

    smoked salmon, cream cheese, cracked pepper bagel

    oven baked pork sausage, mayo and mustard, wrap

    pan fried king prawns and chorizo, cayenne pepper and mayo, seeded batch bread

    avocado, chicken, salsa and spring onion wrap

    beef tomato, buffalo mozzarella, avocado, rocket, balsamic vinegar and chilli olive oil, wrap

    a few of my favs

    Try full breakfast filling,

    Streaky bacon cooked until crispy and avocado!

    Banana - don't knock it till you have tried it!


    Blue Cheese and mayo

    Which blue cheese?


    Which blue cheese?

    Partial to Stilton myself but also shropshire blue works just as well

    tuna+mayo+sweetcorn+chunky cut onion


    My faves:

    Fish fingers on tiger bread with lashings of salad cream

    Sliced Turkey, Blue cheese and cranberry sauce

    Runny Brie and olives

    cheese and wafer thin chicken..mmmmm!!

    overnight slow roasted pork belly with apple sauce, peas, and a dash of wasabi in a wholemeal baguette.

    sliced bell peppers, chilli's, and just cooked rib eye steak (seasoned) 1 min each side and dunked in ice cold water, sliced, horse radish, caramelised red onion with balsamic in a big old tiger bread door step.

    giving away my creations now.
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